Iro 490 Optima

luxury moments

Design to offer
maximum comfort!

Stands out for the smart ergonomic layout of its deck, as well for its ability to cruise even with a 30 HP. Ideal for beginners or experienced skippers. No license required.

Designed for families, couples, and groups that want to enjoy the sea in a carefree way, away from the crowds and prying eyes.

Spacious deck

It was built with exceptional materials, in accordance with the European safety standards, providing absolute safety and a smooth journey.

Spacious deck, with a capacity of up to five people.

Nireus 490 Optima

Technical Specifications

Total length


Total width


Boat weight (excl. engine)


Maximum permissible load incl. engine


Maximum horsepower



5 Άτομα

Boat Equipment

Life-saving appliances (Life jackets, Flares)

First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher

Floating device

Cruise lights

Bow railings

Bow table



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