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the perfect destination for boating holidays

The island boasts incredible beaches with emerald waters, you may only enjoy by boat. Incredibly beautiful landscapes, hidden caves, an unexplored seabed, and sandy or pebbly beaches in quiet bays. Renting a boat is the perfect solution to access any beach you, your friends and family desire.

What are you waiting for? Discover the entire island, and enjoy your holidays with safety and comfort.

Tsougrias and Arkos islets

There are many islets around Skiathos, standing out for their untouched natural beauty and exceptional beaches. Arkos and Tsougrias are two of them.

The islet of Tsougrias has one of the most beautiful coasts in Sporades, on the north beach of its western side. A wide strip of white sand in the shape of a crescent separates the dense vegetation from the shallow crystal clear waters, making this place truly exotic. According to the locals, when the Beatles visited Skiathos and swam on the beach of Tsougrias, tried many times to buy property there, as they were enchanted by the tropical colors.


One of the most popular beaches of Skiathos. It got its name from its all white smooth pebbles. The locals call these pebbles “lalaria”. This particular beach is known for the white rock with the characteristic arch, called Trypia Petra, but also the cave of Fonissa. This cave is accessible only by boat.


The most popular beach of Skiathos is the beach of Koukounaries or Chrysi Ammos. Its natural beauty is unsurpassed. Pines embrace the entire beach and its golden sand, reaching all the way to the sea. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and has been awarded a blue flag!

Mikri & Megali Banana

Mikri and Megali Banana are close to one another, have golden sand, and lush vegetation, consisting of impressively tall pines.

Megali Banana is touristy and attracts the younger crowds, who enjoy loud music from the most famous beach bar of the island. Its greater asset is the sunset. You have never seen anything more beautiful!

Mikri Banana is also super beautiful, and is a nudist beach. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy a less crowded beach with calm waters.


If you and your partner want a more private beach, away from the crowds, romantic, with clear blue waters, and dense vegetation, then you will surely love this one.


Although next to Koukounaries, this beach is not so known. It is quiet and ideal for those who are looking for a quiet beach to relax. In fact, it was named one of the 11 most beautiful beaches in Europe by the Sunday Times, while it also has a blue flag.

It is no coincidence that it is the favorite beach of the Sheikh of Qatar. So, do not be surprised if you find yourself swimming right next to a 133 meter long yacht and few massive security guards around!  The Sheikh should be in the vicinity.


Cobalt blue tropical waters and lush vegetation in a perfect harmony of colors, creating an idyllic landscape. This is a beach for the elite.


Yet another touristy beach that uniquely combines the white sand with the emerald waters. It is accessible by car, bus, or boat, hence popular and crowded!

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